Welcome to Gifted & Talented Services in 27J!
 Please click on the link to the left for information on Achieve Institute: serving the needs the of gifted learners with all day programming.
2017 - 2018 - The application will be open December 1, 2016 and close February 17, 2017. Applications are under the Achieve link!
 EARLY ACCESS - Early Access is a program for students that are believed to be highly gifted and would benefit from grade acceleration at the kindergarten or first grade level. This testing MUST be done in the district in which you reside.
This is not a program for students that miss the kindergarten deadline, rather for students that are cognitively and academically beyond their peers. Please click on the "Is my child gifted?" link on the left for more information on giftedness. 
The application window is January 9, 2017 - March 17, 2017.
 Please click on the Early Access tab on the left for the application. 

Programming Options Available in School District 27J:
Self Contained Gifted Classrooms:
Available at Pennock Elementary School through Achieve Institute. Please see the link to the left for Achieve Institute. This program opened in the Fall of 2016. K-5 is at Pennock.
Coming Fall of 2017 - Self contained programming will be available at Vikan Middle School. This program will allow gifted students time with their cognitive peers during Science and Social Studies, their academic peers during Language Arts and Math, and the age level peers during the electives.
 School Wide Cluster Grouping Model:
This program clusters the GT students together in the class to assist with students having cognitive peers available in the classroom to enhance the learning.
Available at Southeast Elementary School 
For open enrollment to this school please complete the District open enrollment form and mark GT cluster grouping. These applications will only be accepted if room is available.
7th & 8th grade clustering is available at Vikan Middle School. 
Differentiation to meet the academic needs of GT students in the classroom is available at all of our schools.
27J Gifted and Talented Vision Statement
Brighton School District 27J provides opportunities for gifted and talented students to develop their personal potential. Classroom instruction includes the use of differentiation. Differentiated instruction is the process of teaching and learning that begins with the premise that not all students are alike. Differentiation meets each student where he is and maximizes his opportunities for success. In addition, each school provides enriched and varied opportunities for gifted and talented students to enable them to develop their specific abilities. Gifted education values:
  • Shared responsibility of educators, parents, and community for the academic and effective growth of gifted and talented learners
  • A climate of excellence and rigorous curricula for every child

  • High quality standard for professional educators who work with gifted and talented learners

  • Identification of exceptional potential in all populations of race, culture, gender or income level

Identification of gifted and talented students in 27J is based on a consistent, fair and equitable process. Currently, all schools use a screening process with the Cognitive Abilities Test-7 in 2nd grade and 6th grade. In addition, parents and teachers will complete observation tools and achievement data will be reviewed. Completed bodies of evidence will be created and when students meet the requirements of multiple criteria, an Advanced Learning Plan(ALP) will be created. The Advanced Learning Plan will help inform and guide instruction to support student strength areas. The plans will be kept in a centralized location, reviewed annually, and will be articulated through grade levels.

Name Position Email Phone
Sheri Collier Gifted and Talented Instructional Specialist 303-655-2971