• Student parking permits will be sold for $40.00 per parking permit; the price is $40.00 at any point during the school year. Each vehicle needs a separate permit. Permits are non-transferable. There are a limited number of student parking spots, and permits are sold on a first come first served basis. Students are encouraged to carpool, walk, or find alternative modes of transportation.


    In order to purchase a permit you must present a valid driver’s license, provide the vehicle make and model, the license plate number, and sign this document. The parking permit stickers need to be displayed in the rear window. Brighton High School is not responsible for damaged to vehicles; park at your own risk.


    Park only in the designated student parking lot, there are no assigned spots. Do not park in staff, visitor, or handicap parking spots. Parking tickets will be issued to any vehicle that is not displaying a permit in the rear window or any vehicle not parked in a designated student parking spot. The school will keep a record of those cars ticketed and issue fines on the student’s account. The second time the same car or student is ticketed and fined, the parking permit may be revoked, and that car may be towed and impounded AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE.


    Please buy your parking permit from the financial secretary, and then Phil Aragon (campus security) will administer your permit in the Wall Street Commons security office during 7th hour. Bring your receipt.