School Counseling Program Overview

Welcome to Thimmig Elementary School's Counseling website! We work with students and parents through a number of different services. Each service is designed to support the academic program of our school. Some of the services offered through the counseling program are:

School wide character development through our PRIDE concepts.
Group Counseling (topics include: Separation/Divorce, Loss, Friendship, Self-Esteem, Social Skills, and more!)
Individual Counseling
Classroom Guidance Lessons (topics include: self esteem, feelings, goal setting, problem solving, and more!)
Parent Workshops on Tools for Parenting by Fred Jones
Leaders of the Pack

Thank you for supporting the guidance and counseling program!


What is Bullying?

Bullying is the repeated infliction or attempted infliction of injury, discomfort, or humiliation on a student by one or more students. It is a pattern of intentionally aggressive or hostile behavior that occurs repeatedly over time. Bullying typically includes an imbalance of power. Simply speaking, bullying is behavior that deliberately hurts, frightens, threatens, or excludes someone.

Bullying Can Include:

Name calling
Teasing, making fun of someone
Spreading rumors and gossip
Insulting someone
Telling or writing lies about someone
Expressing sarcasm, subtle negative comments
Excluding specific persons
Pushing, tripping, hitting
Threatening, intimidating or scaring people
Belittling people because of their race or culture
Making sexual comments or innuendos

What Can You Do?

Talk to your child about bullying and harassment.
If you think your child is being bullied, ask him/her what has happened.
Encourage your child to report bullying at school to teachers, school counselors, or the administrators.

The #1 complaint from parents of bullied students

The school didn't do anything. Have you ever heard that? We want parents to know that we take bullying very seriously and we have a 7 step procedure for handling bullying.
Thimmig's 7 Step Procedure:

Make it easy to receive initial complaint
Identify alleged bully and witnesses
Complete a Written Incident Report
Start the Investigation/Interview Process
Make a decision
Notifications to involved parties
Start the Sequence of Interventions

SAFE2TELL Anonymous Reporting

SAFE2TELL® is designed to help students anonymously report any threatening behavior that endangers them, their friends, their family, or their community. Call (877) 542-SAFE or report online here..
Visit the SAFE2TELL homepage for more information.
Web Resources for Parents

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