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  • Interior and exterior framing going up at Reunion Elementary School

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 1/18/2017 12:00:00 PM




    Exterior framing at Reunion Elementary has started for the main part of the school, which is where the office and entry to the school will be. Interior framing is going on in the two-story part of the school, and the stairs have been constructed in that part of the school. Dry wall is going up soon in the two-story building. Windows are expected to be installed in the two-story building this week and brick will soon start being put on the exterior of the school.

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  • Steel joists go in for the floor at High School 3

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 1/13/2017 3:00:00 PM



    Steel joists are going in for the foundation floor of the classroom wing at 27J's Comprehensive High School No. 3. More steel columns have been set upright in the classroom wing, too.

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  • First steel columns go up at High School No. 3

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 1/12/2017 8:35:00 AM

    steel steel 2

    The first structural steel columns went up on Jan. 11 at 27J's Comprehensive High School No. 3. More than seven loads of steel beams and columns have been delivered this week to the school construction site in Thornton.

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  • School Safety Teams train on Interoperable Radio System

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 1/10/2017 9:00:00 AM

    radio 2

     radio 1

    radio 3

    radio 4

    radio 5

    radio 6

    radio 7


    27J School Safety Teams were practicing radio communication techniques during Interoperable Radio System training on Jan 9. Safety teams from schools including Brighton High, Prairie View High, Heritage Academy, West Ridge and Pennock Elementary schools and Bromley East Charter School were in training in the morning.


    In the afternoon, more school safety teams participated in radio training including Stuart Middle School, Prairie View Middle School, Turnberry, Henderson and Thimmig elementary school staff members. Besides school personnel, Brighton Police and Commerce City Police School Resource Officers attended the training along with Brighton Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Gerard Lutz.


    The District training was conducted by School Safe representatives Randy Long and Mike Coleman. They emphasized that ongoing practice using the radio system is key to be able to use the radios most successfully during an emergency situation.


    The training exercises included practicing communication on the radio system using training radios, running through crisis scenarios and practicing giving first reporting information over the radios.

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  • Walls continue going up at Reunion Elementary School

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 1/4/2017 11:30:00 AM

    Two story



    area A and B

    Construction crews are moving to the middle section at Reunion Elementary to put up walls and start to enclose this part of the school. The two-story area, which will house grades three, four and five, is mostly enclosed now.


    Reunion Elementary School is scheduled to be finished this summer, so school can start in the new building in August. Furniture will soon be ordered for the school, and the front parking lot has already been put in.

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  • Crews pour more concrete grade beam at Comprehensive High School 3

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 12/22/2016 8:35:00 AM

    beam 1 beam

    beam 3

    beam 5


    wall going up

    Crews poured more concrete grade beam to create the foundation at 27J's Comprehensive High School 3 site. The concrete pour was in the performing arts wing of the school. The first wall at the high school for the main hallway continues to go up with concrete masonry units. With warmer weather this week, construction crews were able to work without plastic sheeting around the wall under construction.

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  • Main hallway wall going up at Comprehensive High School 3

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 12/20/2016 12:00:00 PM

    CMU at HS 3 The first wall at School District 27J's Comprehensive High School 3 is starting to go up. Concrete masonry units were used to finish constructing the elevator core at the school. The elevator core has been completed. Crews have now moved to start building the first wall for the high school. The wall will be part of the main hallway that divides the classroom area from the performing arts wing of the high school.

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  • Exterior & interior walls are going up at Reunion Elementary School

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 12/14/2016 11:15:00 AM

    wall wall 2

    wall 3


    The exterior and interior walls are going up at Reunion Elementary School. Crews continue to put up exterior drywall to enclose the structure on the two-story wing that will house grades three, four and five. Next week, crews will prepare for insulation and exterior brick. Interior framing is also being done in this wing of the school.

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  • Comprehensive High School 3 concrete block construction starts next week

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 12/2/2016 12:50:00 PM

     main entrance

    This photo shows where the main entrance to the high school will be located. This will be the main hallway with the auditorium on the left and the classroom wing to the right.


    This is the auditorium under construction just off what will be the main hallway for Comprehensive High School No. 3.


    Construction of comprehensive High School No. 3 at 136th Avenue and Yosemite Street is moving along. The site received a building permit the day after Thanksgiving which will allow steel construction to begin in January. More concrete grade beam foundation wall work continued this week on the performing arts wing and other classrooms including the career and technical education labs.


    The concrete block work begins on Dec. 5 at the high school site. The first blocks will be built for the elevator shaft and then crews working on masonry will move to the auditorium for High School No. 3. Other work going on at the site includes sports fields being graded and a storm drain has been installed at where the stadium will be built.

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  • Topping Out Ceremony celebrates completion of steel work at Reunion Elementary

    Posted by Kevin Denke at 12/1/2016 4:00:00 PM


    A Topping Out Ceremony to place the final steel beam was held Dec. 1 at Reunion Elementary School in Commerce City.

    "It's a big day for the School District and for Best Steel as we are ready to set the last beam today," said Project Superintendent Ed Nation with FCI Constructors. "Over 800 pieces of structural steel have gone into this project."

    "This is quite an achievement in such a short amount of time. I want tothank the voters of 27J for making this possible," said School District 27J Board of Education President Patrick Day.

     "I want to thank all the tradesmen who have been here and working. They have done a great job," added FCI Project Manager Steve Walker.


    People signed the final beam for the steel construction before it was lifted in place by a crane. The ceremony included having an American flag and Evergreen tree attached to the beam, which is a Norwegian and Scandinavian custom from when buildings were built from wood cut from trees.


    Reunion Elementary is about 40 percent complete and on schedule to open in Fall 2017.

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