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New Grading Policy

Prairie View Middle School

Grading Policy 2017 

The grading policy will be changing beginning January 1, 2017. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new policy, please contact Cristina Bissell at 720-685-5401 or   

60% Assessment : 40% Learning Experience

Summative Assessment               Classwork

Projects                                         Homework

Final Papers                                  Discussion


                                                      Formative Assessment


Late Work: The highest grade that can be earned on late work (except for excused absences) is an 89.4 %. Students will lose 10.6% of grade for turning in assignments late. Late work must be turned in before the first day of the summative assessment. Late work turned in after the summative assessment has begun will not be accepted.


Re-assessment: The purpose of summative assessments are to assess the learning that occurred within a unit. These assessments should be administered when the majority of students in a class have demonstrated proficiency on the outlined standards.  These assessments occur after the learning is complete, and are used to give a grade or  provide a final measure of  student results. It has been common practice at PVMS to allow students to reassess summative assessments. While reassessing summative assessments is contradictory to their purpose, cutting the kids off cold turkey from reassessments may cause more harm than good. Starting January 2017, students may only reassess once per quarter per class. We will look at how this semester works and make necessary adjustments to the re-assessment policy for the Fall of 2017.