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SAT: Attention 11th Grade Parents and Students

Dear Juniors and Families,

The Colorado SAT School Day exams is fast approaching.  As you are aware, Colorado statute requires students have the option to take the SAT with Essay.  Adding the Essay to your SAT registration is your choice.  Schools or districts should not make policy decisions regarding which students will or will not take the SAT Essay, nor should schools or districts encourage or discourage individual students from taking the SAT Essay. 

All 11th grade students have been registered for the SAT without Essay. Students who wish to take the Essay with their SAT must add it to their registration between January 27, 2017 – February 12, 2017.  This can be done either online or by phone.  

Please access the attached informational brochures with your families to help you in making the decision about the SAT Essay. 

Thank you!

Fabricio Velez, Assistant Principal
Prairie View High School
2017 SAT Flyer