Capital Facility Fee Foundation

The School District 27J Capital Facility Fee Foundation is an award-winning unique public-private partnership with municipalities and developers and builders in District 27J. It was established in 2001 to collect contributions from developers and builders to help fund school expansion or new school construction. 

The Foundation was created to help fund the gap between property tax-supported bonds and the cost of funding new schools necessary for growth in student enrollment. State law prohibits school districts from exceeding their statutory bonding capacity and from assessing an impact fee to address any shortfalls.
Since the Foundation was established in 2001 it has received voluntary contributions from developers and builders of over $10.5 million to help meet this funding shortfall. The Foundation has transferred to the district more than $10 million for new school facilities. Developers and builders, city council officials and management, and School District 27J have seen great value in working together collaboratively over the past decade to help bridge the funding gap.